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Jase has a Master's Degree in Music and over twelve years of experience teaching hundreds of guitarists of all ages, from professional adults and college students, to children as young as six.

Regular guitar lessons provide developing musicians with the guidance, structure, and encouragement necessary to perform at a high level. Anyone who is committed to learning and willing to practice can become a skilled player. 


Jase uses an individualized approach to his lessons. He tailors each one according to his student's current playing needs and musical interest. If you can't stop thinking about a certain classical guitar piece or a song you heard on the radio, bring it to your lesson! Since he believes it's important to be excited about what you're playing, he is happy to do transcriptions of popular music for his guitar students.

  • Ages 10 & up

  • Online lessons available

  • Private or group lessons available

  • Classical, jazz, and popular styles

  • 1 hour or 30 minute lesson blocks

Jase Rylan Brown performing for a classroom of children for an outreach program organized by Guitar San Antonio.

Image provided courtesy of Guitar San Antonio


Do I need an instrument?

- Yes. You will need an instrument to practice on. If you don't have a guitar, but are thinking about purchasing one for lessons, please contact me before buying. I can help recommend a quality guitar within your budget. It's important to use a guitar made for nylon strings if you are learning classical.

Do you offer group lessons?

- Yes. If you have friends or family members who want to learn guitar and are interested in learning together, you can sign up for group lessons and receive a discounted rate.


Where do you teach?

- My studio in Port Angeles is centrally located and available to all as a learning space.

Should I sign up for 30 minute lessons or an hour-long lesson?

- Generally, I recommend that beginners and children below the age of 10 sign up for 30-minute lessons. It's a good amount of time to build on fundamentals and to really get to know the guitar. There is so much to learn that much can be accomplished in 30 minutes. Serious students who practice frequently will do well with one-hour lessons.

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